Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Poltergeist' baffles Scotland Police officers after they witness paranormal activity

POLICE investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed paranormal activity.

The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going off and when they went back on the lampshades were upside down and oven doors opening and closing.

Even a chihuahua dog which was playing in the garden was then discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

The family who live at the property had called the police in a panic. They endured two days of the bizarre occurrences before moving out of the property in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The situation has been discussed at high levels within Police Scotland, with senior officers perplexed as to how they best handle the incidents.

A police source said: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Statue of Jesus opens and closes eyes on camera (video)

Strange footage has appeared online that shows a statue of Jesus opening and closing its eyes. The video was captured inside the chapel of Saltillo in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico.

The camera looks first upon the statue with its eyes closed. Then, it appears to open its eyes to stare directly into the camera. After a few seconds, the eyes close again.

The footage was allegedly recorded in June, during a service.

There is now a debate over its authenticity. Is it a computer-generated hoax? Or perhaps a reflection of light caused by someone opening and closing a door? Or could it be a miracle, a sign of some significance?

Weeks of study have revealed no evidence the film has been altered in any way.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Spooky footage shows a trolley being guided around a warehouse (video)

A spooky specter may have been caught on camera in this video, as a trolley appears to come to life.

The supernatural event is recorded on a security camera, and was shared on Spanish paranormal channel Huelo el Miedo TM’s YouTube channel earlier this week.

Filmed at midday, the freaky footage appears to show the possessed trolley moving by itself, before an invisible hand guides it round the corner of a table.

The object continues to move even after a spooked warehouse worker returns to the room – causing him to leap back in shock.

Seemingly disturbed by the man’s reappearance in the room, the trolley then stops moving.

Convinced he has witnessed a poltergeist, the employee calls to his colleague for help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCTV caught video soul leaving body at a hospital (video)

The soul coming out of the bodyIn the creepy video, a deceased body lies on a stretcher in a hospital ward with a white sheet draped over her.

As she lays in the dark room, a translucent figure starts to appear.

The pale glowing spectre is seen rising from the body in the middle of the abandoned room, before quickly vanishing.

The paranormal footage was captured in the early morning of July 20, 2014, but has gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube recently.

 More than three million people have viewed the spooky clip, taken in China.

Investigator gets tormented by a ghost in London (video)

Ian Hawke live-streamed his contact with a “ghost” to hundreds of viewers on the social media site.

A cup and plate mysteriously fell off a sideboard in Ian’s home before the cup was hurled at him by an invisible force.

The video shows the dad, 42, from Abbey Wood, southeast London, freak out as his summons to the poltergeist to show itself was answered.

Ian, who captured spooky footage on his CCTV camera a few weeks ago, was joined for the ghost hunt by paranormal investigator Danny Taylor.
Ian is heard asking for the spirit to come forward, saying: “Anything, anything, come on, please, anything.”

A white mug was then thrown off the stool, prompting him to shout: “What the f***.”