Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ghost photographed at haunted scrap yard

Steel yourself before taking a close look at the window of the Birmingham Scrap Metal office block at Taronis, in Aston.

There is clearly a face, the tortured image captured during a routine photo-shoot. It is the country’s first scrap metal spook.

And it is yet more evidence that something not of this world is lurking in the room, used to store car parts: an eerie place where things go bumper in the night.

The hardened, five-strong work force freely admit to being scared of entering the cold, dank room.

Documents have mysteriously moved, loud bangs echo from the confined space and temperatures plunge for no reason.

Recently, the workforce arrived to find the place flooded. The source of the leak was a smashed toilet in the washroom directly above.

Yet, the compound and block are extensively alarmed. Bells should’ve rung if vandals broke-in.

Now manager Chris Ward is poised to call in a medium to discover which tormented soul is trapped among the broken motors.

The 51-year-old said: “I’d think twice about going up there at night and one guy refused to go up there at all.

“One customer came out absolutely white-faced. He claimed something had come out of the wall.”

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Child told parents he was being followed by a UFO.... (video)

Child tells parents that UFO has been stalking me for weeks, so he films it to prove it

This odd footage was recorded by a nine-year-old boy who claimed a UFO had been following him every day for weeks.

The youngsters parents, who had never seen the craft initially didn't believe the boy. 

But he then managed to film the bizarre object, which flies around, changes direction and eventually seems to vanish in mid-air.

After seeing the footage, which the boy captured on the parent's mobile phone, the concerned parents sent the footage to "experts" for verification.

The "experts" claim this is proof alien crafts are following children and camouflaging themselves from their parents, in a bid to abduct the child.

Claims that have left the parents shaken and concerned.

In the footage uploaded to Youtube one of the expert commentates on what is seen.

He says: "It was almost as if this craft made itself invisible to the parents and only visible to the child, who was needless to say very frightened by this thing.

"This further corroborates other stories where these UFOs follow children, presumably to abduct them.

"This craft was luckily caught on video by the child who had run in to get the parents phone, ran back out, started recording the craft in mid flight.

"You can see the craft shape shifts, it changes direction it stops before finally dematerialising."

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ghost is filmed MOVING CHAIR across floor of haunted house (video)

Ghostly goings-on have been caught on camera at a Tyneside home, a paranormal enthusiast has claimed.

Terry Johnson believes this footage, captured at a house in Gateshead is clear evidence that spirits from the afterlife are haunting the property.

The keen ‘ghost-hunter’ set-up cameras after a Rowlands Gill resident told him he suspected he was sharing his Rowlands Gill home with some uninvited ghostly guests.
And within an hour of setting-up his specialist equipment, Terry recorded footage of a chair moving entirely on its own.

The 54-year-old said: “We were just gobsmacked when we saw it. We have never had anything like that before and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. It’s the most compelling evidence we have got up to now on an investigation.

And the homeowner, who did not want to be identified, added: “It was absolutely amazing. I knew there was something not right and now he’s just proved it.”

Terry, a full-time carer from North Kenton, in Newcastle, set-up the Gateshead Paranormal Society last year with a former colleague who also had a keen interest in ghosts.

And he was approached by the homeowner earlier this year while investigating some unusual goings-on at the Red Kite pub in Winlaton Mill.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Did Marana Police just capture sound of a ghost? (video)

The Marana Police Department isn't afraid of ghosts and has the audio to prove it.

On Thursday afternoon, Marana Police posted a video to their Facebook page of a possible ghostly encounter that took place over a recent radio transmission.

According to the post, around the 19 second mark you can hear an unusual sound not identifiable to Marana's radio technician.

Some people even think the sound is speaking. Saying "stop talking to me."
But we'll let you be the judge of that.

Marana Police Department
Listen for the unusual anomaly that was recorded during this recent MPD radio transmission. Could it be a ghost? What do you hear it say? At the 19 sec mark, some people think it says "Stop talking to me."
Our radio technician listened to it and could offer no explanation. He said it was not interference or picking up another frequency.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Man hiking near an suicide spot photographs a GHOST

A man hiking near a local suicide spot in rural Queensland has snapped a picture of a shadowy figure that some claim is a ghost. 

The image, posted to Toowoomba Ghost Chasers' Facebook page on Thursday evening, appears to show a bald man, with a short beard, wearing a red jumper standing among a stack of fallen branches.

The group claim that a member, who goes by Brokc David, was hiking in a national park near Goomburra, Toowoomba, in rural Queensland, when he started to feel as if someone was watching him. 

'This was shared by a member who went out hiking at a local Toowoomba water hole known for suicides.'

‘He all of a sudden felt as though he was being watched and followed and he felt an awful feeling of dread wash over him.. Then when going back through his photos he finds this,’ the post read.
The ghost hunting group said that while hikers frequent the area, it is rare to see someone dressed in red in the middle of remote bush land.

Mr David said he has been experiencing a 'feeling of dread’ since he took the eerie photograph.

‘Oddly enough I've been experiencing a similar feeling of dread every once in a while over the last week.'

'I'll be walking down the street and all of a sudden feel like something is about to jump out at me from behind a tree,’ he wrote on Facebook.

Several people have commented on the photo testifying to its authenticity.
‘Definitely a bearded man there in red!’ one woman said.

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